Generally, we meet the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm. The location of the meetings vary, but are often in the Benton County Shops Dayroom on Avery Road on the south side of Corvallis. We sometimes meet at a served-agency site to train on the specifics of that location.

Mission & Purpose

BCARES is a group of amateur radio operators willing to assist emergency services and municipal agencies in an emergency or disaster. ARES is a part of the American Radio Relay League. Contact the ARRL if you would like more information about amateur radio.

They are specialists in various forms of communications modes from computerized packet radio, long distance HF voice and morse code, UHF/VHF voice, and even amateur television. To be an amateur radio operator, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that individuals pass examinations in technical and regulatory competence. Morse code is not a requirement for entry level licenses, however it is a requirement for most long distance and advanced operations. Amateur operators are usually quite distinctive from citizens band (CB) operators who require no training or licensing.

The BCARES group meets once a month on the third Thursday at 7:00 PM. There is a radio net every night on the Mary's Peak repeater (146.780 MHz) for the hams in District 4 (Benton, Lane, Linn, Lincoln, Marion, and Polk Counties) and a Benton County net every Tuesday at 7:45 PM on the Vineyard Mountain repeater (147.160 MHz). Feel free to check-in if you're in the area visiting or want more information about ARES.