Feb. 8-10 Technician Class

The next technician license class is already being planned.
The TENTATIVE dates are Oct. 10 through 13 of 2019.
This is one week before the Oct. Salem hamfest in Rickreall.

If you want to attend a one-weekend intensive prep class for the license test on a Sunday afternoon, or take the test:

This is the place to sign up. And here's the info about the class:

What: Tech License In A Weekend Class

Where: Sunset Building
       4077 SW Research Way
       Corvallis, OR 97333

The parking and entrance for the class are on the east side of the building.

When: Oct. 11, 6-9 PM
      Oct. 12, 9AM-4PM
      Oct. 13, 9AM-12PM
      Oct. 13, 1PM Test session

Who: Benton County ARES. Please use the link above to register.
Contact John Stanley, N8GFO (n8gfo@arrl.net) for more information. If you are
getting this in reply to an email registering for the class, then you already are.
If not, let me know you're going to be coming.

If you want to get your amateur radio license but need just a little
bit of push, or maybe someone who can answer the questions that stand
in the way, this is your chance.

The classroom work will cover most of the things you need to know to
pass the Technician Class ham license test. It won't teach you how
to make or fix your own radios, or how to be a great operator. It won't
cover every bit of information that may appear on the test, but will
cover most of it.

On Sunday afternoon, you'll have a chance to take the test. That's
the only part of the process that will cost you money. $15.

Because of the highly compressed nature of the class, it is highly
recommended that you read the book before you come. The book is
available from ARRL BE CAREFUL: if you order online, make sure you get the current edition (4th).