Benton County ARES Winlink Addresses

Benton County ARES is a full participant in the OADN and maintains a 24/7 RMS Packet node for public access to the Winlink system. In addition, Benton County ARES maintains individual tactical callsigns for use during exercises and emergencies by its individual served agencies and functions.

The following is a table of tactical callsigns and their defined uses. Notice that all tactical calls begin with the letters "CVO", which is the three-letter identifier for Corvallis Airport. The Winlink address for all sites is For example, the EOC Winlink address is ""

Tactical AddressSite
CVOEOCEmergency Operations Center
CVOGSRMCCorvallis Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
CVOHLTHBenton County Heath Department
CVOHPHewlett Packard in Corvallis
CVOPFRPhilomath Fire and Rescue
CVOVANBenton County Communications Van
CVOFAIRBenton County Fairgrounds
CVOOSUOregon State University
BCARES RMS Packet Nodes
144.97 MHzK7CVO-10
144.97 MHzN8GFO-10

Most of these addresses are monitored by a BCARES staff person during non-emergency, non-exercise periods and email sent to these addresses during such times may not reach the served agency recipient.