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147.160+ (100Hz PL) W7OSU

W7OSU is operated by the Oregon State Universty amateur radio club. It is located on Vineyard Mountain in McDonald Forest, north of Corvallis.

146.780- (156.7Hz PL) K7CVO

K7CVO is operated by BCARES. It is located on Marys Peak, southwest of Philomath.

442.300+ (162.2Hz PL) N8GFO

N8GFO is operated by BCARES. It is located at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis. The system was donated to BCARES by Lew Williams, WB7NML.

The former trustee of this repeater passed away recently. Due to the COVID-19 situation we are not able to access the repeater to change the callsign. This repeater will be renamed K7CVO when we are able to do so.

List of all Oregon repeaters that are coordinated by the ORRC.


BCARES Winlink Packet on 144.970

BCARES nodes are K7CVO-10 and N8GFO-10